Tax Assessor

The Office of the Tax Assessor is responsible for the following:

  • Discovering and locating property – To make sure all property situated in town is located.
  • Listing of property – When located, a system for describing the property must be used to identify each property.
  • Taxability determination – After being located and listed, a determination is made whether the property is taxable. There are a wide variety of tax exemption and tax deduction statutes. (Such as: Senior Citizen Deduction, Disability Deduction, Certain Surviving Spouse Deduction, Veteran and Surviving Spouse of Veteran or Serviceperson Deduction, Disabled Veteran and Surviving Spouse of Disabled Veteran or Serviceperson Exemption – CLICK HERE for the qualifications for each of these deductions.)
  • Values Property – Sets the assessed value on the property in accordance with the bases of real property value recognized by State law, as interpreted by the courts.
  • Tax equalization – Identification of trends in property values throughout the taxing district and the adjustment of assessments where justified.
  • Defense of appeals – Defends the assessments on properties upon appeal.

Along with the above, the assessor also keeps the tax map current and keeps the ownership information on the tax rolls up-to-date based on the recorded deeds. Inspections of all properties within the township are also performed on a periodic basis. 

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Contact Information

Lacey Township Tax Assessor
818 Lacey Road
Forked River, NJ  08731

Ed Seeger, Jr., CTA

Phone: (609) 693-1100, ext 2242