Mayor's Message

Mayor’s Message

As we say goodbye to 2022 and welcome in 2023, I am most amazed at how
incredibly long it now takes me to scroll back to my “year of birth” when
entering information on computer forms. It is as if my computer is mocking
me. This backwards scroll also serves to remind me how, at once, things
change while they stay the same. The Township of Lacey is actually a great
example of that. Over the past two years, the Lacey Historical Society has
been publishing and educating the public about our 150 years of history and
what a great place Lacey is to live. While Lacey’s infrastructure has
dramatically changed over the years, at the same time, its small town sense
of community and commitment to volunteerism have remained the same.

Although, 2022 is now behind us, there is one event we will not forget. We
lost a special community member and our Mayor Nick Juliano. I like to think
that when somebody passes, a little piece of them remains behind in all the
people they came in contact with during their lives. Well, in this case, a
substantial piece of Nick remains for each of us.

Bringing in the New Year means many different things to people. For some, it
is a fresh start, and for others, it is just another day. However you view it, I
hope you have a fun, healthy prosperous 2023.

This New Year is a time when many make resolutions. I did a little research
and found that resolutions have a religious background. They were used by
many to promise God that they would pay back debts, continue good
practices, or change behavior. I also read that some of the most popular
resolutions are to lose weight, exercise more, and change a habit or adopt a
positive outlook in life. It seems that it has become a time for goal setting. I
plan on adding several new goals and new personal expectations this year.
I’m not going to necessarily label them as resolutions, just best/better

Our Town has a lot on its plate this year. The continued hard work of
employees and the governing body will lay the groundwork for prosperous
and successful year for the Township of Lacey. I encourage you to check our
website at regularly for updates and information. As always, I encourage
people to volunteer. If you are inclined to be more involved, please contact
the Clerk’s Office about opportunities. We have several boards, organizations
and events that could always use more volunteers. If you are new to
Community Service, I am sure we can find something for you to be involved

Another reminder, our Township Council Meetings will take place on the
second and fourth Thursdays of each month. As always, I encourage you to
attend. Being informed makes for better understanding and conversation in
the community.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteer
firefighters, first aid squad members, volunteer coaches, and volunteers in
general. To our Teachers and School Staff members, our Crossing Guards, our
DPW employees, Police Officers, Building/Zoning Department, Recreation
Department, Municipal Court and Administrative staff at Town Hall thank you
for your dedication to Lacey Township. To our residents, thank you for
making Lacey what it is today and always has been: A Great Place to Live.

Again, I hope you take advantage of all Lacey has to offer and that you have a
fantastic 2023.

Timothy McDonald, Mayor
Lacey Township