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At the Lacey Township Reorganization meeting on January 1, 2024 at 12 noon Lacey Township welcomed our new Mayor PeggySue Juliano, Deputy Mayor Peter Curatolo and new Municipal Clerk Amy McGuckin.

Family members and close friends were in attendance as PeggySue Juliano was sworn in as Lacey Township’s Mayor and Peter Curatolo was sworn in as Deputy Mayor.  

Lacey Township is also welcoming a new Municipal Clerk, Amy McGuckin.  Amy will be taking over the duties of Veronica Laureigh who has stepped down from the position of Municipal Clerk as of January 1st after 32 years.  Veronica Laureigh will be serving as the Lacey Township Administrator.  We thank Veronica for her extensive knowledge of the history of Lacey as well as her professionalism throughout the years.  We look forward to working with Amy as she begins her career as Municipal Clerk with the township.  


 The Lacey Township Municipal Clerk's Office has updated its OPRA process. Requestors can now submit requests via our online portal. To access the online portal, click here or look for the OPRA icon at the bottom of the Township website.  We also accept OPRA requests in person or via email and mail. If you do not use the portal and wish to send your request via email, please email all requests to