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Clean Water Doesn't Just Happen


The Lacey MUA takes great pride in its staff of trained professionals that continuously work to ensure that a safe supply of drinking water is available whenever you need it.  The quality of your water supply depends on each of us making water-wise choices.  Don't wait until it is too late to consider how small changes in your everyday water use can help preserve this resource.

Every day, as individuals, we make decisions that effect the future of our drinking water, whether it's simply turning off the tap while brushing our teeth, disposing of household toxins properly, or supporting land use practices that protect our natural water resources.

Each water-wise decision we make adds up to a cleaner, safer drinking water.  Single actions multiply into municipal, county and state-wide results when individuals, organizations and businesses work together to clean up our waterways, protect watersheds and curb pollution.  We can no longer afford to take our water for granted. 

Be water-wise, don't waste this life-supporting resource.                              

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